Wall Academy

Led by Carlos Muro, the Academy’s team of coaches is able to maximize the strengths of each player and bring out the best in each of them, on and off the court. We want to reach every corner of the planet setting our priorities: to enjoy the sport, to train good players and even better people.


We want to be pioneers at the educational level, to use sport as an instrument to promote such important values as solidarity, work and respect. We use sport as a tool for social integration to promote the development of the children, adolescents and families we serve. Sport has the power to change intrinsic aspects related to self-esteem, self-control, socialisation, aptitudes and attitudes, characters, personal values or emotional management. Likewise, sport has the power to break down walls, bring people together and improve their quality of life, contributing in extrinsic aspects related to the social aspect and to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, leisure and free time.

Every drop of sweat from our team makes the Wall Academy a reality, everyone contributes to the success of the Center, from the coaches, the reception, cleaning staff, maintenance and management of the center. We take care of every detail by being meticulous in our work and transmitting the main values of sport. For us, human training is just as important as sports training and that is why our objective is that each player is capable of putting into practice values such as effort, humility, tolerance, patience, respect, discipline and commitment.